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Let there be no doubt to whom this gift belongs...


Wood and resin necklaces
Written on wood, Engraved in time,

Not only about a pen, or a pendant on a string...

But about that intimate feeling...

A lasting memory that will make a heart sing!

We're excited to introduce our NEW

Gift Personalisation Feature...


Pesrsonalised Wood and Resin Pen

''A person's name is to that person the sweetest sound''.

 - Dale Carnegie

Personalised wood and resin pen

Your gift will be a beautiful song, playing the sweetest sound,

A sensational melody, through which you'll ignite a feeling so profound.

Your loved one's name, is what they'll hear...

But it will be yours, they'll forever hold dear!


Personalised wooden Necklace




Here's how the magic happens...


  • Simply pick the gift of your choice
  • Hit the Personalise button and enter the special text you wish to engrave in the indicated field.
  • Choose your preferred font style.
  • Your order is our command.

Create that fond memory which will last for years to come...