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Wooden bow-tie with Black fabric
Ash-wood Mahogany Bow-tie

Ash Wood & Mahogany Bow-Tie

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  • Dimensions:  101mm(L) x 43mm(H)
  • Handmade from Ash Wood & Mahogany
  • Dedicated Wooden Case;  ideal for a gift


What looks better than a rough beard and a suit?.... The touch of a Wooden Bow-tie!

A perfect gift for men who stand out from the crowd. An excellent addition to any suit. 

A handmade wooden bow-tie made by us at Wearable Wood, out of Ash-wood and Mahogany wood and finished with a black fabric elastic band,  suitable for all neck sizes. 

Finished and packaged in its own dedicated wooden case... nothing less than what a PERFECT GIFT requires.


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