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Majestic Wooden fountain pen
Earth | Majestic Fountain Pen | Swarovski Crystal
Majestic Wooden fountain pen
The Majestic Fountain Pen gold tip
Majestic Wooden Fountain Pen with Swarovski Crystal - Handmade Gift- Wooden Pen
Majestic Wooden fountain pen - wood and resin handmade gift
The Majestic Fountain Pen with svarowski crystal
The Majestic Fountain Pen in black velvet gift box
Majestic Wooden Fountain Pen with Swarovski Crystal - Handmade Gift- Wooden Pen
Majestic Wooden fountain pen refilable resevoir

Earth | Majestic Fountain Pen | Swarovski Crystal

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Wood Resin Pens Pendant Personalisation

Personalisation tips

  • Engraving is done only on wooden areas
  • To ensure best results engraving on pens is limited to 10 characters.
  • Make sure to double-check your spelling, upper/lower case letters and font choice before checkout.

A unique piece of art and a perfect writing companion, for you who have the innate gift of valuing handmade creations. 

The Majestic Fountain Pen – the rarest collector's item exhibited in our store is a truly one of a kind writing instrument adorned with premium quality materials. A reflection of nature's own beauty through the elegance of wood.

The pen's seductive wooden body, embellished with a perfect combination of multiple shades of Brown Resin, features remarkable balance and weight, to which you're guaranteed to form a powerful bond the very second it lays in your grasp.

Finished with a Rhodium-plated clip and a sparkling Swarovski crystal adds the exquisite final touch to this masterpiece.

The pen comes complete with a refillable reservoir (shown in last picture) , one ink cartridge and is presented in an elegant velvet gift box. 

You're about to make a bold statement:  You live by your own terms - you alone are master of your own destiny.


This sublime wood and resin hybrid fountain pen boasts remarkable features such as:

  • Rhodium-plated clip that includes a sparkling Swarovski crystal
  • Components are cast, polished then plated with extremely durable Black Titanium plating
  • Rhodium plated pen nib

 This pen is hand-crafted out of Red Mallee Burl wood and Brown Epoxy Resin.

The pen represented in the photos is the actual pen you’ll be receiving.