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Wood and resin pen
Refillable Handmade wood and resin pen
Wood and resin pen
Wood and resin pen
Aurora | Night Owl | Handmade Wood Resin Pen
Wood and resin pen
Wood and resin pen

Aurora | Night Owl | Handmade Wood Resin Pen

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Wood Resin Pens Pendant Personalisation

* FREE Personalisation for Pens

  • Engraving is done only on wooden areas
  • To ensure best results engraving is limited to 10 characters on pens and 8 characters on pendants. 
  • Make sure to double-check your spelling, upper/lower case letters and font choice before checkout. 

As legend has it – a fire bridge to the sky built by the gods themselves. 

An almost elusive beauty; a pleasure to the eye, refreshing to the soul.

An explosion of immense energy – a gateway to a higher state.


Belongs to our Night Owl Collection...

Handmade wood and resin pen

A symbol of prestige and power!

Strong-willed and independent – people with a black personality tend to ignore what seems to be common logic and chase the mystery, guided by their sixth sense, which in their is their own curiosity.

Tempted and inspired by their inner cravings, often times they are drawn to an artistic path and end up being the masterminds of something bigger then themselves.

Handmade Wood and Resin Pen

Hand-crafted from Red Mallee Burl wood and embellished with a perfect mix of Black and Bright Green resin – this elegant Classic Pen gets its finishing touch with a Gold-plated clip and pen tip. It will be delivered in a Black Velvet gift box which matches perfectly the pen's unique style.

Take it a step further...

Add your own personal touch!

Strengthen precious old relationships or build lasting new ones. 

Personalise your precious gift with a memorable date or the name of your loved one.

Personalised wooden pen - handmade gift

  • Hand-crafted from Red Mallee Burl and Black with Bright Green Resin.
  • Can be ordered either in Black or Blue ink
  • Delivered in a Black velvet case
  • Can be personalised



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